دستگاه تشخیص خلوص مواد شیمیایی

دستگاه تشخیص خلوص مواد شیمیایی


با استفاده از این دستگاه به راحتی می توانید میزان خلوص مواد شیمیایی موجود را سنجیده و از صحت درصد خلوص آن آگاه شوید.این دستگاه دارای امکانات ذیل می باشد:

. دارای صفحه نمایش لمسی

. کاربرد راحت برای کاربران غیر متخصص

. نتایج به صورت رنگی کد می شود

. دارای قابلیت اندازه گیری میزان طیف

. قابلیت ویرایش فایل های ذخیره شده

. قابلیت تغییر تنظیمات اسکن

. آرشیو طیف ها به صورت رسم و نمودار

. ایجاد آرشیو طیفی جدید


The PinPointer™ packs a full-featured Raman spectroscopy system in a remarkably affordable true handheld format. The lightweight unit is controlled by a pocket-size Windows® computer and features easy-to-use ID-find™software that provides one-touch identification of unknown substances by immediate comparison of a measured spectrum to the on-board Raman spectral library..دستگاه تشخیص خلوص مواد شیمیایی

Easy and Fast Substance Identification

Many substances emit a characteristic light when illuminated with a laser, the Raman scatter effect, that uniquely identifies molecular structure. With a touch of a button, the PinPointer collects and analyzes this scattered light from a chemical under test. The included ID-find software can search thousands of stored reference spectra to identify unknown substances. Within seconds, the detected chemical is identified and its name and properties displayed.

Affordable, Compact, High Performance

The PinPointer provides the same performance as other handheld Raman spectrometers proposed for homeland security or on-site chemical identification but costs much less.

Wide Chemical Coverage

The included ID-find software will search a database of more than 10,000 chemicals to find a match within a few seconds after data acquisition . Specialized chemical databases are sold separately. Users can also create their own custom spectral libraries.

Substance ID of Packaged Materials

Solid, powder or liquid samples can be analyzed while still contained in plastic bags or glass or plastic bottles or vials.


ID-find™ Software Simplified GUI for non-experts with spectral software TOOLS for technicians

دستگاه تشخیص خلوص مواد شیمیایی 


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